Online video is a killer business tool. Rapport, trust, more sales . . . they’re all possible with online video. But like other New Media online marketing methods — only when it’s done right. What’s the right way? Let’s take a look at a killer 7-minute video example right now and see.

First — tell em’ what you want em’ to do

“The following is a product advertisement. You are going to be bombarded by visuals of great looking products, and then entertained by motorsports eye candy. Do not resist the temptation to purchase the products when prompted to do so. Enjoy!”

When’s the last time you watched an online video that gave you a warning like this right up front? You’d probably expect anyone who made a video like that to have a dozen or so views right?

Well, how about over 13-million views on YouTube alone.


Watch this video and you’ll see why

Capturing hearts, minds and pocketbooks

If you’re not in the target audience I hope you can see what was done here. If you fall into the target audience, you felt it.

The formula is simple. Know your audience and their wants, needs and dreams. Then stir emotions so deeply that your products stick in their minds, then and only then will you win both their pocketbooks and loyalty in today’s cluttered marketplace.

Simple isn’t always easy — unless you make it hard

Don’t get hung up on the production quality of this video. Don’t focus on not being able to drive a 600hp car sideways at 100mph you’ll miss the point. It’s the principles encapsulated in this video that are immediately applicable, no matter what your budget or driving skills.

For one thing, you should get the point that you CAN blatantly promote your product or brand using New Media in your online marketing . . . IF you give value in return. In fact, I argue that if you try to “fool” people with a bait and switch, orĀ  beat around the bush — that will kill any chance of your getting results with your videos.

On the other hand, did you notice the subliminal product positioning throughout?

What else did you notice?

Talk back and expand the Quaniverse

  • What did you think of the video? (Did you watch the whole thing?)
  • What marketing principles did you see in action in the video?
  • How did the “warning” at the beginning of the video affect you? Did it bother you or cause you to actually pay more attention and actively look for the products?
  • What one idea could you walk away with to improve your videos?

Take a minute to talk back below now. Would love to hear your thoughts. ;-)

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