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Lessons of a Product Launch

marketing online launchThe QuanSite team has been busy working away on a huge re-brand and launch project for the past four months.  Now that we’re comfortably 30-days into the release of the QuanSite system, we thought we’d share some of the tips and strategies behind the launch so that you could benefit from our experience.

This isn’t the first time we’ve been involved with a product launch, but every time we go through a launch we pick up a few new tricks. this time was no exception, especially since this was software.

Product launch lessons learned:

1. No matter how much time you give yourself for a launch, it’s never enough.

Expect many sleepless nights and last minute things that need to be taken care of. You can minimize the impact of the little things by planning out your launch two or three weeks in advance.

Set goals and milestones and appoint one person to keep you on track or use an online project management service like Basecamp to keep track of the things that sleep deprivation might cause you to overlook.

Takeaway tip: if you are planning a simple product launch (like a downloadable product, e-book etc.) add 20% to your projected timeline. So for example, if you are figuring it will take you a month to fully prepare for release, you’d add a week to your timeline.

If your product is more complex, like a big physical product, a book promotion or software) add 40% to your projected timeline.

If you’ve never done a fully promoted release of a new product and a marketing launch; A) get professional help from a coach or mentor who has done them B) double the percentage above even with professional assistance.

2. Test, test, test and then test again!

In addition to testing your the functionality of your product (if it’s a software product like QuanSite), you need to test the sales process from start to finish… many times in all browsers before you launch. Make sure people can order and pay via credit card (or paypal if you offer that option).  Make sure they can reach the download page and can download the product. Make sure they know how to reach support if they have a problem. Test everything! Twice. And then test again!

Takeaway Tip: When testing anything to do with sales or marketing, change ONLY ONE THING at a time. For example if you want to make several changes to your sales copy, don’t make all the changes at once. If you do and conversions do improve you won’t know what worked.

There is a caveat to this rule. If your marketing/sales process is failing to convert at all and you have a mentor or professional copywriter look at your marketing materials and they tell you “a truckload of Viagra won’t revive this copy” — then change it all at once as quickly as possible. ;-)

3. Minimize technical glitches by planning ahead.

Nothing is more frustrating than having your sales site go down during a launch, especially when it means a loss of potential sales. Nothing is more embarrassing than having to tell a JV Partner they didn’t earn as much as they could have during the launch because your sales site was unreachable.

The QuanSite.com launch team planned for the increase in traffic by installing additional RAM on the main sales server and caching parts of the salespage. We also had our server admin monitoring the server during high load periods and the technical team was ready to implement “Plan B” within 20 minutes should something go awry.

4. Make sure customer support is on hand during the launch period.

The support team should be on hand to deal with any issues as they arise. Both technical support to manage server issues and the customer support team to manage any new customer questions. The first few days after a product purchase can make or break a new customer relationship.

Make sure the entire team is up to speed on the offer(s) on your salespage, the included bonuses and where to get them, know how to answer common new member questions (where are my bonuses, I can’t login, etc.), as well as know the escalation path should they need to raise an issue to a Customer Support Manager or the technical team.

Takeaway Tip: Using a program like Kayako Support Suite can add tremendous value to your launch and increase response time and monitoring of customer service inquiries.

5. Set clear and actionable goals.

How do you define success? What’s your measure of a successful launch?  The QuanSite.com launch team had very specific goals and milestones that needed to be achieved and timelines for achieving them. We also closely monitored hourly and daily sales and reacted quickly if there was a dip in sales as it could indicate a potential technical problem.

6. Review & revise

Once you’re on the other side of the launch, comfortably on the other side of the launch (so not the next day!) sit down with your team and review the launch process.

Even if you’re an old hand at launches, you can learn something new from each one. Analyze all online, offline and marketing systems.

- Did you meet your goals?

- Were there any customer service problems that indicate a hole in your sales process?

- Or your support process or even training if your product requires training?

- Was your team proactive and responsive and anticipate issues before they arose?

By analyzing the launch a few weeks past the crunch period, you’ll be able to improve your systems and processes and ensure an even greater launch next time… and maybe a little bit more sleep!

Takeaway Tip: a thorough strategic review of what happened that you didn’t expect, what didn’t happen that you did expect and how actual results line up with your goals will not only help with your next launch. If this is a product that stays on the market for sale (as most products will) then this Review & Revise process reveals gaps in your sales process where you are leaving money on the table.

For example; if 2 out of 5 new clients requested an additional service that you didn’t offer in association with this product, then adding it as an upsell will not only satisfy those clients, it will get others who were not yet thinking about that service take it as an add-on too.

The result is your clients feel well-served, you win them over as raving PAYING fans . . . and you put more money in your pocket with very little effort. :)

So what do you think?

Got some good ideas from the lessons learned and takeaway tips above? Do you have some tips of your own to share on product launches you’ve done yourself or seen done by others?

Share your thoughts, ideas or feedback in some graffiti down below in a comment. ;-)

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Technical Update

We’re currently applying another patch to the system. It contains the following:

1) Addition of Add Link menu item under “System” (it was missing since the upgrade so there was no way to get to this page )

2) Addition of Add a user menu item under “System” for the same reason as above.

3) re-ordering of items under Bonus Materials on the admin dashboard.

4) Edit of 2 emails that had wrong sender name in email sent by the spam karma function

5) Removing “color scheme” option under profile section (because it was not an option that should have been made available :) ).

The patch name version is if you don’t have this version number indicated in the footer of your QuanSite admin area, please open a help desk ticket.

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3rd Post-Upgrade technical upgrade

We’re now applying another patch that addresses a number of technical issues. The below issues should be applied to your site within 4 hours of this post, if they’re not please open a help desk ticket.

1) Bug with the Mega Audio Blaster Module – custom preview images weren’t getting added to new audio files
2) Menu links to the Mega Audio Blaster Module returned a permission error
3) Some links under the “Design Center” menu were duplicated with the first set sending users to page that didn’t exist. This second set is removed so that menu is ok now.
4) Central Power Bookmark account function of the Social Bookmarking Robot is now fixed.

There’s only one issue currently remains on our post-upgrade bug list and we should have it fixed by this time tomorrow but if you find anymore, please share them through the help desk.

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System Technical Update

We’re already going on 4 days since the big upgrade that took place to everyone’s QuanSite and we’re pleased so far that only a handful of issue have been reported and most of them are fixed (details below) and the rest are being actively worked on now and should be fixed by the end of this week. Considering the size of this upgrade (the biggest we’ve experienced so far) the outcome is better than we could have hoped for. Hopefully everyone is enjoying their new QuanSite as much as we loved building it for you.

So here are the issues that have been fixed so far:

1) Issue with some RSS feeds on some sites being broken, this is fixed. If your feed is still broken however, please open a ticket and we’ll get it fixed.

2) Issue with an error being displayed either across the site or in the admin area, this got fixed also.

3) Bug with users, other than the “admin” user not being able to see the full menu or access parts of the admin dashboard. This is fixed in a patch that is being applied system-wide right now, it should be fixed on your site within 4 hours of this post. If it isn’t, please open a ticket to get it fixed.

4) Bug with the “Mega Audio Blaster” module not appearing in the create a blog post or page section. This is also fixed in the same patch that is being applied system-wide.

5) Bug accessing cPanel for about 1/10th of users. This is being fixed as I write this so you should be able to access cPanel using the regular url by the time you read this.

6) Issue with some custom headers disappearing on some sites (this was fixed immediately after it was discovered so not many people might have noticed it but if you did – it’s fixed.)

Remaining issues:
1) Some sites using the central accounts bookmark robot have not been bookmarking since the Quansite.com switch. This is top priority, we hope to have it fixed sometime tomorrow.
2) Some sites are experiencing issues uploading videos by using the Mega Video Blaster module that is included in the home page editor, we’re also hoping to have this fixed with the same patch that will fixed issue 1 above but if it’s not fixed in time, it’ll be included as a second patch afterward.

If you do notice any other issues, please report them through the help desk. Thanks to everyone who has reported issues and also a big thanks to everyone for their patience during this upgrade.

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QuanSite System Upgrade Update for Existing & New Members

QuanSite new media online marketing software jump for joyWe’re happy to announce that all existing members have been upgraded to the new QuanSite software platform. You’re going to love the new customizable, interactive Admin interface.

Please note the new login URL for your QuanSite Admin panel. Your user names and passwords remain unaffected, but if you use a password storage tool like Roboform, you’ll want to update the login URL.

Be sure to watch the Admin panel orientation videos on your Admin Dashboard (admin home page) in the “Help Angel” area. If you want a more in-depth orientation to the system, you’ll also find the QuanSite Passport video there as well. The Passport video gives you a complete orientation of the functions in the entire QuanSite Admin panel.

For new members – if you’re a new member who signed using one of the pre-launch bonuses packages in the last week, your QuanSite should be installed within the next 24-hours.

Our first QuanSite LIVE! webinar this Thursday will be a general orientation with Q&A too. ;-)

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QuanSite System-Wide Upgrade Beginning Saturday AM

QuanSite construction: online marketing software upgradeWell the last 90-days of programming work is finally coming to it’s grand end. The team will be starting the system-wide upgrade from the old BLOGi360 software to the new improved QuanSite system Saturday morning October 17th.

There is no need for you to do anything special. All of your data is safe and has been backed up in an extra location jsut to be on the super-safe side. ;-)

We do suggest that you keep from posting any new content to your QuanSite during the upgrade process to avoid possible loss of that content. We will be notifying you as soon as all sites have been upgraded to the new QuanSite operating system. This work could take up to 24-hours.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this HUGE upgrade of the system. We know you’re going to love the intuitive and customizable admin interface. :)

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Maintenance Downtime Completed

Just a quick note to let everyone know both Quansite.com and the previous server maintenance are both completed.

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10-15 mins Scheduled Downtime Today


There will be some scheduled downtime today, in approximately 2 hours from now (now is 1:40 PM EST-so around 3:40 PM EST). This is to add more capacity to one of our servers. It will only affect around 35% of users. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding. This is to better improve capacity / load times for your sites.

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QuanSite Revolution Day 2 Live Stream Replay & Contest No.2

Thanks again for packing the room out for today’s QuanSite Revolution pre-launch Live Stream. If you got locked out because of the room begin filled to capacity, good news! We’ve got the recording for you with full details on the the benefits of being an insider in the Secret Society of the Quan, a review of QuanSite launch contest #1, and the start of contest #2 with it’s $3,000 prize package.

Here’s the Live Stream replay from Day 2 of the QuanSite Revolution…

The exclusive coaching call for insiders in the Secret Society of the Quan followed immediately after the end of the Live Stream. If you’re in the SSoQ, you’ll receive a direct email when that replay is posted along with the password to access that audio reply. ;-)

Overview of Contest #2 (You Tube Buzz) & the $3,000 prize package

  • The You tube video with the highest combined score including number of:

    - Views
    - Comments
    - Times favorited
    - Linked to

    …by 10-19-09 will be deemed the winner of this contest!

  • We will be using You Tube’s statistics to track search results. Videos need to adhere to the following guidelines to be eligible:

    - You video(s) must include QuanSite in the video title and as one of the keywords for the video.
    - Videos must be “G-rated” ;-)
    - You must post your name and domain in a comment below to register and be eligible for the contest.
    - Bonus points will be given if you can creatively (and in a way that both makes sense to the viewers relative to your video topic) use the terms “New Media online marketing software” and “Social site-building system.”
    - Bonus points will also be awarded when the http://QuanSite.com URL is used in the description as well (You Tube allows live links in the video description.)

  • The $3,000 Prize Package for QuanSite revolution contest #2 includes:

    - One-year Quan$ite Essentials membership (including three QuanSites) ($1,164)
    - One BONUS Quan$ite installation good for the lifetime of your membership ($804)
    - New Media Money Mastery home study course ($297)
    - 7-week LIVE! Quan$ite University tuition paid! ($497)
    - One 8gig iPod Nano ($150)
    - Bose In-ear HD Headphones ($100)

QuanSite new media online marketing software contest prize

Best of luck in the QuanSite Revolution You Tube buzz contest! We’ll see you on Thursday’s 10-01-09 Live Stream at 4pm PST/7pm EST.

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