Dual Online Video Encoding With a Turbo Kick: Two New Upgrades to Boost Your New Media Online Marketing

There’s a quiet war being waged in the business world. Up til now you’ve been a casualty. Apple is taking aim at Adobe and you’ve been caught in the cross hairs as well. Here’s an update on how to automatically boost your online and mobile video exposure. And if you’re a premium member on QuanSite new media online marketing software, it’s 8-10x faster too! Here’s the scoop . . .

Apple’s iPhone anti-flash online video marketing assault

apple anti-flash online video marketing impactApple has had Adobe software as a target since the release of the iPhone. And now with the release of the iPad the assault has reached a new level of damage.

You see, Apple definitively states that NO applications (apps) on the iPhone and iPad environment can use Adobe’s Flash software platform. That’s why, if you’ve ever tried to view most online video (including those on your QuanSite) on your iPhone, all you saw was a blue box where your video should be.

For most websites that use flash video, it means that their videos cannot be viewed on a hand-held device or smart phone.  The iPad revolution sweeping the globe will cause many business owners to miss the opportunity to connect with the new consumer who browses the internet with their iPad, iPhone or other mobile device.

Sure you could use a YouTube video embed on your site. But that comes with a host of big negatives for business owners like yourself. For example, you already know from the QuanSite base trainings and the Quaniversity Online Marketing Edge Program that using a YouTube embed provides a doorway for visitors to exit your site. Ads, including your competitors videos, will actually play on your site. Plus, a YouTube video player does NOTHING for your branding (and in most cases will actually damage your brand due to default player settings.)

But here’s the great news . . .

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The New Way to Sell With Online Video

Online video is a killer business tool. Rapport, trust, more sales . . . they’re all possible with online video. But like other New Media online marketing methods — only when it’s done right. What’s the right way? Let’s take a look at a killer 7-minute video example right now and see.

First — tell em’ what you want em’ to do

“The following is a product advertisement. You are going to be bombarded by visuals of great looking products, and then entertained by motorsports eye candy. Do not resist the temptation to purchase the products when prompted to do so. Enjoy!”

When’s the last time you watched an online video that gave you a warning like this right up front? You’d probably expect anyone who made a video like that to have a dozen or so views right?

Well, how about over 13-million views on YouTube alone.


Watch this video and you’ll see why

Capturing hearts, minds and pocketbooks

If you’re not in the target audience I hope you can see what was done here. If you fall into the target audience, you felt it.

The formula is simple. Know your audience and their wants, needs and dreams. Then stir emotions so deeply that your products stick in their minds, then and only then will you win both their pocketbooks and loyalty in today’s cluttered marketplace.

Simple isn’t always easy — unless you make it hard

Don’t get hung up on the production quality of this video. Don’t focus on not being able to drive a 600hp car sideways at 100mph you’ll miss the point. It’s the principles encapsulated in this video that are immediately applicable, no matter what your budget or driving skills.

For one thing, you should get the point that you CAN blatantly promote your product or brand using New Media in your online marketing . . . IF you give value in return. In fact, I argue that if you try to “fool” people with a bait and switch, or  beat around the bush — that will kill any chance of your getting results with your videos.

On the other hand, did you notice the subliminal product positioning throughout?

What else did you notice?

Talk back and expand the Quaniverse

  • What did you think of the video? (Did you watch the whole thing?)
  • What marketing principles did you see in action in the video?
  • How did the “warning” at the beginning of the video affect you? Did it bother you or cause you to actually pay more attention and actively look for the products?
  • What one idea could you walk away with to improve your videos?

Take a minute to talk back below now. Would love to hear your thoughts. ;-)

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Automated Online Video Ease and Black Swan Avoidance, Two Software Updates You Need to Know About

quansite new media online marketing software smart members QuanSite members getting the most from this New Media online marketing software are a smart bunch. They know all about the power of online video and how it can create surging streams of qualified and motivated visitors, deepen connection with your followers, advance trust and boost sales. If you’ve got an  eagle-eye you may have already spotted an improvement to the QuanSite Mega Video Blaster module in the past few days.  We’ve made a few changes that will make it even easier for you to market with New Media and engage your Tribe with online video.

Here’s how we’ve made things even better . . .

The QuanSite Mega Video Blaster is Smarter!

Many of you have been actively leveraging video to build your brand, increase rapport and trust, and make more money using your QuanSite software.  If you’re not familiar with the power of the Mega Video Blaster built into the New Media Dominator module, here’s a brief overview:

  • Upload your video through your QuanSite Admin panel
  • QuanSite takes your uploaded video and  automatically converts it into a universal online format
  • Then the QuanSite software automatically creates your branded player on your site
  • And the New Media Dominator even automatically syndicates your video to the top 12 video sharing sites at the same time to create more channels of targeted inbound traffic if you like.

The thing is it just wasn’t as fool-proof as it could’ve been. A few of our members ran up against some challenges when trying to use the Mega Video Blaster module.  Many of the errors were minor, stemming from an improper format for your video file name or trying to use an unsupported file type.  And while our Customer Support team would help resolve errors, we decided to add a few new features to the Mega Video Blaster that would help eliminate the frustration some members experienced when using the wrong file type or naming format.

So our crack programming team went to work. We took a look at the two main challenges faced by members when using the Mega Video Blaster module and came up with the solution.  Now you’ll never be faced with an error due to the wrong format for your file name again!  Once you upload a video to your EZ-SEO home page, any blog post, or your Marketing PRO pages using the Mega Video Blaster, your file name will be instantly converted in to the correct naming format.  No need to worry about spaces in your file name, just upload your file and the Mega Video Blaster module takes care of the rest.

But we didn’t stop there . . . we’ve made the system even smarter!


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QuanSite.tv Replay: Selling with Online Video & QuanSite

What’s the number one way to boost your Search Engine rankings, traffic and conversions? Well, if you said Online Video you’re one smart cookie! In this QuanSite.tv replay we cover some simple tips and strategies for using Online Video with the QuanSite New Media Dominator module to connect, convert and sell like crazy. And you’ll learn why it works in any niche . . . yes — even that one! :)

We also give you sneak peek at some of the contest prizes for the QuanSite Revolution contests currently running (and a heads up on more contests starting next week.)

Watch the replay now & see how the QuanSite New Media Dominator module helps you sell more with online video

Don’t have your “What’s Your Time Worth?” playbook yet?
CLICK HERE to get it & achieve your biggest business goals in 2010!

What’s your take on the Online Video & QuanSite New Media Dominator
marketing strategies we shared this episode of QuanSite.tv

Spread the Quan . . . talk back in a comment below. ;-)

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Webinar Video (07-02-09): Hot Seat Critique – Timothy Carter

Timothy Carter was in the hot seat recently at our LIVE Quan$ite Webinar.  Watch, listen and learn as JP Micek critiques Timothy’s Hub Site.  The strategies shared, especially the tips and pointers JP shares on how to maximize your affiliate promotions, apply to all Quan$ite members.

Hot Seat Critique Part I

JP discusses the Google sandbox, page rank, the visual hot spot for your subscription form.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Hot Seat Critique Part II

Strategies for your subscription form, the importance of contact information in your footer and some tips for video on the about page.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Hot Seat Critique Part III

The importance of developing a strong personal brand and affiliate marketing tips

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

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Webinar Video (05-14-09): Uploading Video Using the New Media PRO Video Module

One of the most powerful benefits of your Quan$ite is the ability to upload and distribute your own branded videos to the various video sharing sites.  Below is the video recording of a recent webinar where we walked you step-by-step through uploading your own videos through the New Media PRO Instant Video Converter feature.

Part 1: Step-by-step process for uploading & adding video to a blog post

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Part 2: Publishing Your Video, Selecting A Player Skin & Why You Should Be Using Video

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

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Webinar Video (02-05-09): Online Video Coaching with Tips, Tools & Strategies

In this update we’ve got the video recording of last weeks webinar. It’s 65-minutes in two-parts and it’s JAM-PACKED with tips, tools and strategies ANYONE can use to start harnessing the power of online video with your Quan$ite Hub Site!

Part 1: video production & distribution for maximum marketing impact made easy

In part 1 we cover:

  • Four ways you can create custom video content for your Hub Site (with these strategies NO ONE using the Quan$ite system has an excuse for missing out on the power of video)
  • Quick tips & proven strategies for maximizing the SEO and traffic-generating power of your videos when automatically distributed to video sharing sites like YouTube.com.

Resource URL’s shared in part 1:

Stock.xchang Free high-resolution royalty-free images http://www.sxc.hu/

Video creation tool using your images: http://business.animoto.com/

Free FireFox plugin to grab source code of online videos on YouTube and elsewhere: http://www.downloadhelper.net/

Part 2: video creation tips & strategies for maximum rapport, trust & action

In part 2 of the video you’ll learn:

  • Optimal length for your videos
  • What your main focus ALWAYS is with ANY type of video (and how to do it more effectively)
  • Tips & tactics for increasing video plays

NOTE: At the time of recording, the Share My Video drop down (noted at 8:53 on the timeline) contained a description field within the drop down. The field has since been moved to the General area of the New Media PRO Video module, right below the title field.  The strategy JP outlines in the video for the description field still applies.

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