Below is the video recording of the webinar where we covered the New Media PRO Instant Video Converter feature, the new auto video distribution option and associated Q&A. Since the webinar went 60-minutes we’ve broken it down into three segments below.

Part 1: Instant Video Converter & player auto-embed feature overview

Part 2: Auto video distribution to top 20 video sharing sites on the web

Part 3: Q&A on the Instant Video Creator & auto video distribution features

Since this webinar was captured using Camtasia,you cannot hear the questions JP is being asked in the recording. There are five parts to this Q&A outlined below so you can follow along.

0:00 – 3:33 REVIEW: New training video updates in your Quan$ite Admin Panel

3:34 – 6:43 Q&A: Do you need to sign up for each of the video sharing sites you want to automatically distribute to through HeySpread?

6:44 -11:46 Q&A: When I embed a YouTube video in a Quan$ite post, it looks like it is there but when I preview or publish the post it doens’t show at all. Why is that happening?

11:47 – 14:39 Q&A: I used the Quan$ite New Media PRO Instant Video creator one time and my video did not show. What did I do wrong? Why does my video upload and convert but not show in the work area of my Admin Panel?

14:40 – End Q&A: How many views can I figure on my videos before I exceed the bandwidth included in my standard Quan$ite membership?

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