As the QuanSite Revolution got rolling we began seeing entrepreneurs creating unique words with “Quan” as the root. People have been having a blast adding these new Quantastic words to the public lexicon. And who can blame em’? The Quan is all about the love, the community, the money and the respect . . . and who doesn’t want that?

So we decided to create this Quanopedia as a central location for these new words to be defined. Whether you’re an insiders in the Secret Society of the Quan, a  raving fan of QuanSite or just a lover of the Quan you can leave your mark here.

What’s your Quanopedia contribution?

Share your your new word with Quan at the root and define it in a comment below. As examples of the format you want to use when posting your new words, take a look at the reference List below for Quanopedia and Quantastic.

Submit your contribution now in a comment below! Just use the format above so it’s easy for everyone visiting to review your submission.

You can also submit separate comments voting for other submissions. If yours is an outstanding submission or if your submission receives significant votes — we will move it up from the comments section into the alphabetical Quanopedia reference list here in the body of this page and recognize the author by name.

Quanopedia Reference List

Quanopedia (n): the organized reference source for unique and fun
words using not only  Quan at the root but embracing and exhibiting the
essence of Quan (love, community, money, respect).

Quantastic (adj): Above and beyond the overused and mediocre
“fantastic.” Means that what is being described is fun, impactful
and/or profit-generating.

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