There’s a quiet war being waged in the business world. Up til now you’ve been a casualty. Apple is taking aim at Adobe and you’ve been caught in the cross hairs as well. Here’s an update on how to automatically boost your online and mobile video exposure. And if you’re a premium member on QuanSite new media online marketing software, it’s 8-10x faster too! Here’s the scoop . . .

Apple’s iPhone anti-flash online video marketing assault

apple anti-flash online video marketing impactApple has had Adobe software as a target since the release of the iPhone. And now with the release of the iPad the assault has reached a new level of damage.

You see, Apple definitively states that NO applications (apps) on the iPhone and iPad environment can use Adobe’s Flash software platform. That’s why, if you’ve ever tried to view most online video (including those on your QuanSite) on your iPhone, all you saw was a blue box where your video should be.

For most websites that use flash video, it means that their videos cannot be viewed on a hand-held device or smart phone.  The iPad revolution sweeping the globe will cause many business owners to miss the opportunity to connect with the new consumer who browses the internet with their iPad, iPhone or other mobile device.

Sure you could use a YouTube video embed on your site. But that comes with a host of big negatives for business owners like yourself. For example, you already know from the QuanSite base trainings and the Quaniversity Online Marketing Edge Program that using a YouTube embed provides a doorway for visitors to exit your site. Ads, including your competitors videos, will actually play on your site. Plus, a YouTube video player does NOTHING for your branding (and in most cases will actually damage your brand due to default player settings.)

But here’s the great news . . .

Now business owners using the QuanSite New Media online marketing system to dominate their niche with their online presence have yet another distinct advantage over regular old websites or blogs. We’ve just added dual-video encoding capabilities to all QuanSites.

  • Now when you upload a video using the Mega Video Blaster module within your QuanSite, your video will automatically be encoded (that’s geek-speak for converted) to two different formats: standard web browser friendly Flash format and a mobile/iPhone compatible format.

Now when one of your potential customers is browsing your QuanSite on an iPhone or iPad, they’ll be able to view your video without having to return to their main computer or laptop to do so.

It all happens automatically when you use the QuanSite New Media Dominator for your online video marketing.

Pretty cool stuff huh! :)

Moving at the speed of Quan . . . turbo video encoding

turbo encoding for online video marketing If you’re a business owner with a regular website or blog and you want to have video on your site you have to upload your video to one of the online video sharing sites, then wait for the video to encode, then copy the embed code from the sharing site, then install it on your page or blog post, and finally, hit the publish button.

What you’re left with after all that (other than 20 fewer minutes in your life) is a brand damaging doorway off your site.

And if you want additional exposure with your video, you either have to shell out a couple hundred bucks per month for a stand-alone video distribution service OR manually upload your video to each of your favorite online video sharing sites.

15-20 minutes per online video sharing site times the top 10 sites and you’ve lost another three hours of your life. Neither choice is fun or profitable.

With your QuanSite, you’re already a step ahead of your competitors with our integrated video sharing software.  Upload your raw video to your QuanSite, click the “Share My Video” option, and hit publish. That’s it! The QuanSite Mega Video Blaster automatically distributes your video to the top online video sharing sites.

But here’s the thing. The time it takes for the converting your video could be cut even more. That’s why we’ve boosted the upload speed for our top-level QuanSite software members.

Now if you’re a premium member your video is automatically routed to a special ring of high-end high-powered servers that crunch your video conversions in record time. As a matter of fact this means a turbo boost of 8-10x faster than the standard encoding speed.

Talk-back and share the Quan . . .

We’ve got some exciting things brewing for the QuanSite New Media online marketing software. In fact, the entire system is being repositioned for domination of a complete new market. You’ll be the first to know about those changes in the coming weeks. But for now, it’s time for you to talk-back and share the Quan.

  • What do you think of the new automatic dual video conversion and turbo-encoding upgrades?
  • How will you use the new automatic iPhone and iPad compliant videos to boost your leads or sales?
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