In part one of this New Media Marketing series we looked at the first two profitable precepts of new media marketing with the 5-Channels of New Media.

They were:

  1. Be a market thinker, not a product pusher
  2. Participate and profit without becoming an evangelist

If you missed the first article and want the full details on these precepts and discover how you’re in danger of being hacked to pieces by a hoard of midget Ninjas if you ignore them — you can get all the juicy details here in Part One.

Speaking of midget Ninjas, a few of our coaching clients emailed me asking me to explain where midget Ninjas come from. (Come on guys and ladies, it’s OK to post your comments here instead of emailing us. ) Anyway, as far as midget Ninjas, I know most come from a remote island chain in the Western Pacific. But if I were to reveal the exact location of that island, I’d be sealing both your and my fate at the same time.

Within minutes, a midget Ninja that’s been hibernating at the back of your refrigerator behind that 3 gallon jar of olives from Costco would awaken to snuff out your life. I don’t want that to happen to you or me, so unfortunately we’ll have to keep the midget Ninjas home location a mystery.

But what I can share with you today are three more profitable precepts of marketing with New and Social Media.

#3. Connection is key

A conversation can occur one-on-one. Or as we’re talking about here, one-on-one x 1,000, one-on-one x 10,000, or even more. Seth Godin predicted this trend of leveraged marketing back in 1999, and most companies STILL haven’t gotten it. Marketing is permission; it’s not interruption.

Interruption marketing (the way old-school advertisers and mass marketers are still trying to do it) doesn’t work anymore. Marketing is permission and permission is only gained after engaging and listening. If you haven’t read it already, Permission Marketing is a great little book where Seth explains this all in more detail.

Once a conversation takes place, a relationship is formed. You nurture that relationship and you build rapport. That rapport leads to trust, and eventually to influence and persuasion. Not influence and persuasion in the way those terms have been bastardized by political correctness, but in a good and healthy way that exists in any relationship.

#4. Understand and honor the wants, needs and desires of your Tribe (target audience)

Your ideal audience of prospects and clients is dying to tell you what they want. But if you don’t know exactly who they are, you can’t use new media to make marketing easy.

Take the time to sit down and define your ideal customer. And don’t just focus on the typical demographic descriptors. Look at psychographics and emotional wants, needs, and desires. Draw as complete a picture as possible and finding members of your ideal audience already gathered together will be a comparative “breeze.”

This is just good solid Marketing 101. But it’s surprising how many business owners don’t have a clear and specific description of who their target market is.

#5. Listen, learn, observe and adapt

There are two types of listening and observing:

Active listening is like being at a party: you’re interacting and you’re engaged. This type of listening is where you build build rapport and trust.

Passive listening is like being behind the glass of a focus group: you’re observing the market or your target audience from a distance. This type of listening is where you can discover the specific hopes, fears, wants, needs and desires of your Tribe. What just a few years ago large corporations paid $10,000 to $20,000 for a day with “focus groups” you can now get for free with a plan and the knowledge of where to look in Social Networks.

Both forms of listening are necessary in the New Economy. And both are easier than ever before because the New Media Marketplace is so connected, dialog is so active in social networks, and search engines are so well adjusted to the new LIVE nature of the Web.

In the next installment we’ll take a look at the profitable precepts of marketing with New and Social Media that have to do with participation, conversing in context, and linkability.

JP Micek JP Micek

John Paul Micek is a co-founder of the RPM Success Group ® Inc., the leader in software, systems & coaching to double your profits in 12mos or less in the New Economy. QuanSite New media marketing software is one of those tools. He is author of the 1st published book on New Media marketing, the best seller Secrets Of Online Persuasion.

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