As we power ahead with the Quan$ite re-branding and required system upgrades, I’m reminded of something Winston Churchill said back in 1945. F.D. Roosevelt had expressed hopes that the Yalta conference (the wartime meeting between he, Churchill and Stalin) would not last more than five or six days. Churchill remarked: “I do not see any way of organizing our hope of world organization in five or six days. Even the almighty took seven.”

Well, we may not be working on a plan for ending a World War, but I’ve had to remind myself of what Churchill meant about time being a misleading indicator when working on a BIG goal.

Often, no matter how much pre-planning goes into a project, the more impact that project can have, the more changes can be expected. What at first looks in pre-planning to be a project with a half-dozen moving parts, soon becomes one with dozens of moving parts. This is especially true when you have an anal, perfectionist like me making decisions. :P

We knew that the logo, back end system changes, affiliate structure updates, the new design for the Quan$ite sales site and several other related tasks needed to be completed to make the re-branding from BLOGI360 to Quan$ite a reality. And as a matter of fact, the GOOD NEWS is, all those things are done!

But there were some things about the system and compromises being made due to software limitations that I just didn’t want associated with the new Quan$ite brand. If we were going to be totally committed to creating the world’s #1 site-building and New Media marketing software, I just couldn’t let these things stand. So our project expanded, which is a good thing for us, you and the thousands of new QuanSite members that will be joining us!

Here’s just a few of the many NEW “moving parts” being worked on right now:

  • New affiliate management: our current affiliate management software was just too limiting for the type of reward systems I wanted to put in place. So a new software system is being worked on as we speak.
  • New dashboard: I’ve been unhappy with the look and feel of the admin dashboard for some time now. I wanted it more inviting, user-friendly and easier for us to make changes for enhancing user-friendliness. Since I didn’t feel in it’s current state it was worthy of the Quan$ite name, we’re rebuilding that.
  • Newly upgraded blog module: this will provide us greater expansion capability in the future and will provide you with a noticeable speed improvement when working in your admin area.
  • New support materials: Actually, this is one of the BIGGEST improvements that I see in helping members maximize the impact of Quan$ite on their business online. There will be a package of physical start-up products mailed to new members upon sign up. From our research with and polling of members who have left the system, this will be a HUGE improvement in usability (and for affiliates, that means boosting retention.)

Of course all of these changes are expanding the copy, images, design and videos for the main sales site too. That includes testimonials, which is another one of those moving parts that’s somewhat out of our control. As a matter of fact, we’ll be making an open call for testimonials (using the Quan$ite name instead of QuanSite) during this coming week… so if you’re interested and want to get a jump on things to make sure your testimonial gets TOP POSITIONINGlet us know in a comment below and we’ll get in touch with you personally before the open call.

Anyway, in the end this is all going to be worth it. I didn’t want the re-branding to be a simple name swap, I wanted Quan$ite to be incredible…and I’m getting my wish. :D I know when we’re done you’ll be ecstatic too, both as a member and an affiliate partner.

Make it an awesome Summer weekend! ;-)

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